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CORS Annual Conference 2018: Impact of drug regulation on health and society


Copenhagen Centre for Regulatory Science, Department of Pharmacy, University of Copenhagen
+45 35333311

Copenhagen Centre for Regulatory Science is pleased to announce its 4th Annual Conference. As previous years, the conference in 2018 will feature the most important topics within the field of regulatory studies.

This year, the Annual CORS Conference is dedicated to the ‘Impact of drug regulation on health and society’. The topic of the conference was chosen, having in mind the recent debates about the role of drug regulations on the approval of medicines and medical devices. One the one hand, if the drug regulations are overly strict, then there is a risk that it can impede innovations and state-of-the-art medical treatments. On the other hand, if the drug regulation shifts towards a more loose approach, then it might endanger the health and well-being of the patients. Thus, the speakers of CORS conference 2018, will touch upon this bone of contention and discuss the impact of innovation on drug regulation from different perspectives (e.g. biosimilars and emerging digital health innovations). Above that, how can this impact be measured and if there are well-developed methodologies, which could help answer this question? Drug regulation – does it really matter? How to improve the impact of risk communication? This year’s conference will give the opportunity to speakers and attendees to reflect on these questions and bring new ideas to the table.

The conference is a unique platform for discussion and debate for a wide range of experts (academia, regulators, industry, and patient representatives). Last year, the conference attendees highly rated the variety of perspectives and points of view from different stakeholders, the international input of the conference, and a unique combination of high-level speakers and attendees. We are committed to preserve the good tradition from the previous years and make this year’s conference again a success.

CORS is aiming towards focusing on the state-of-art development in the regulatory science, bringing together different perspectives and expertise. 

The conference is open for attendance by all interested parties. 

Program (link).

Registration fees:
Industry participants (pharma and other for profit organisations)    
DKK 3750 (incl VAT, SOLD OUT)
Non-industry participants (academia, regulators, government, other non-profit)  

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Copenhagen Centre for Regulatory Science, Department of Pharmacy, University of Copenhagen
+45 35333311